Finding easy money

Apart from  the cryptocurrency ventures, there ate lots of ways to find free (almost) money

1. Vehicle logistics

You like to drive a car & want to earn money?

Then register now quickly & easily on ONLOGIST and secure your access to over 30,000 regional, nationwide & pan-European vehicle transfer orders per month. All you need is a business and driving license.

The entire process from order determination to accounting is directly and digitally controlled via the ONLOGIST portal.

You will be insured against payment defaults, and, if you wish, you will receive your money within 24 hours or at the latest guaranteed after 30 days.

2. Car sharing

Do you often drive alone by car? Then you can earn a little extra car sharing. This means that on your trips, you will take along other people who will pay you for their expenses. The individual amounts are not high but can generate a small additional income for regular carpooling.

Carpooling can be found in the circle of acquaintances and colleagues, through public notices in supermarkets or via social networks. An alternative are ride-sharing apps such as flinc or blablacar, which also provide rides for individual rides. Flinc proposes prices that can be negotiated between drivers and passengers. The minimum amount is 2 euros.

3. Give tutoring

To give tutoring, you need the necessary knowledge in the respective field and didactic skill. This kind of extra income is also good for older high school students and students. Not only students are potential target groups for this service, but also adults in education or training. The earning potential depends on the subject and your qualifications, with between 10 and 20 euros per hour are common.

You can register in the register of local tutoring institutes. In student help and study circles, you will mainly care for groups; Abacus relies on individual tutoring. An alternative is private classifieds, or you use specialized mediation portals. So you can create a profile for free on Per mediation, you pay a one-time fee.

4. Child care

This is not the daycare meant, but the hourly care. As an additional income, with which you want to earn money quickly, it must be well integrated into your everyday life. You can offer your services as an occasional babysitter, or you can take care of getting and bringing services regularly, which the parents can not do themselves because of their work.

Most parents do not require any pedagogical experience for these activities. In some cases, you need a driver’s license and a vehicle. A completed first aid course makes sense. These types of jobs can be found in the circle of acquaintances, as well as via postcards or eBay classifieds. You can also register on agency portals such as Depending on the type of care and number of children, the hourly earnings are between 10 and 20 euros.

5. Pet care

Pet owners want to know their pets are well taken care of during their vacation. If you offer such services in your area, you can make quick money, even if it’s just a small amount. For most animals, regular feeding and cleaning in the pet owner’s home are sufficient. Dog care is a bit more demanding. Busy dog ​​owners are also happy if you run your dog only occasionally or regularly.

Ask for such jobs, especially in your immediate vicinity, as longer journeys are not worthwhile. Even social networks or posters in supermarkets can bring success. Another alternative are agency portals like The earning potential depends on the task. For example, if you take a dog with you during the holiday, 10 to 15 Euros per day are appropriate.

10. Everyday help

You can also make quick money by cleaning and gardening and similar every day aids in private households. Many people seek support in these matters. If the job is in your immediate area, an hourly job can be easily combined with your main job.

Job opportunities can be found on your circle of friends, public notices, eBay classifieds, or agency portals like There you can apply for individual orders — reliable work results in good reviews, which also increases earning potential.

home hero

6. Delivery person

The delivery of weekly newspapers, advertising brochures, or catalogs is usually done via mini-jobs, which you can easily do one or two days a week after regular work or on weekends.